As a residence, is your security as effective as it could be? Have you considered how as a homeowner you can effectively enhance the security of your home and every day life of those who also live there?

Security. We have all heard of it. It possibly means very little and all too often can scare the living daylights out of us, but either way, and like it or not, it is a term that is so important today with increasing criminal activity and dwindling police resources.

How can we help you? We look at each and every client as a new case, never are two instances the same. The human dynamics of life and work can and do directly affect the security of your home as setting patterns is what people inadvertently do. We will look and identify gaps, close them and educate you in what you need to do in order to keep them closed.

Most instances begin with a consultation to identify what the client's actual requirement is, but from the beginning it must be understood that security is not just for show, it has to be effective, and if all measures/procedures are not addressed from the grass roots level, then it is unlikely to be effective therefore leaving gaps that can be exploited by criminal elements. Enhanced security is gained by delivering exactly what the client requires and why, not only at that time but over a projected period. There has to be the ability to escalate services or reduce services as deemed by the situation at the time. This makes for a cost effective service.

So, we ask you this. Why do so many security providers insist on throwing the default answer of you requiring residential security teams (RST) and body guards/close protection officers (CPO) to be at your home, work, holiday, night out or generally in your lives 24/7? Why do you have an RST at your home when there is actually no direct threat upon you? Talk about intrusive, it doesn't get more intrusive than that.

Why do so many security providers insist on CCTV being the answer, when often a CCTV system can only be used retrospectively rather than as a proactive deterrent as the criminal has identified how ineffective your system is?
The answer is simple. Often they do not know any better, they know that your knowledge in this field is perhaps limited and they can make a financial kill. It's a shame but in many cases it is true. Perhaps you are one of the clients who has been mis-sold security services.

We want you to think of things differently from here on in. We want you to think of security in another way, a way that is far more discreet, far more effective, far more cost effective and far more normal for day-to-day living.

Having security as a bolt on can make you a target. Having security built in can help prevent you from being targeted.

We hope we have made you think, as this is just the start.