Travel Security Awareness Programme

MASC Executive’s Travel Security Awareness Program has been developed by highly skilled experts within the industry, using advanced training techniques to enhance security awareness and develop skill base.  MASC Executive’s trainers are either former Royal Marine Commandos or British Special Intelligence  Officers who are selected due to their high level of instructional technique and experience.

Any form of travelling involves a variety of risk, including security issues and personal health, safety and wellbeing. MASC Executive’s Travel Security Awareness Course is produced by travel security experts with years of experience in delivering full workshops for corporate clients working within high-risk environments. Our bespoke training courses enable customers to confidently prepare for travel, and operate more safely and efficiently before and upon arrival within a new environment. MASC  Executive’s training course is split into easy-to-understand modules which identify elements of your journey from start to finish, focusing on best practices to ensure a safe and secure trip. After completion of the course, you will have a significant understanding of how dangerous situations develop and be equipped with a suite of planned responses to such cases should they occur.

This course can also be conducted through a virtual learning platform as well as face-face.

Benefits of Virtual Learning

  • Significant reduction in training costs
  • No disruption to the working day
  • No travel costs or accommodation fees
  • Virtual rooms offer an extension of a  physical learning environment
  • Participation from around the world
  • Allows for open discussion with other  people from across the globe,  understanding their risk and travel concerns

Course Content/Topics Covered

  • Course Content/Topics Covered
  • Personal Security
  • Pre-Travel Planning
  • High Impact Crimes
  • Health Risks
  • Local Travel
  • Cultural Awareness