Crisis Management, Evacuation and Repatriation

MASC Executive’s consultants will develop a Crisis Management strategy giving clients the ability to forecast emergency situations and therefore able to react immediately and efficiently.

MASC Executive define a crisis as a sudden unforeseen event which places our clients’ personnel, assets and business reputation in jeopardy. Events, both man-made and natural, require immediate, well-rehearsed responses to limit any adverse consequences and therefore develop a swift resolution.

We have the ability to react in real time through our analysts’ global monitoring as well as our In-Country Crisis Management teams. In turn, this reduces the potential negative impact to your organisation and increases the safety of your employees.

All contingencies can be planned for, varying from fire damage to terrorist attacks. Through implementing a current and validated contingency plan, organisations can minimise the losses acquired in a crisis.

MASC Executive’s Crisis Planning team works with the client to assess the company’s areas of vulnerability, agree on the corporate aims and objectives, allocate resources, prepare contingency plans and identify potential participants and their specific agendas.

MASC Executive incorporate pre-emptive emergency planning and reporting, international threat level monitoring, risk mitigation advice and management services. This includes the deployment of multi-skilled responders located around the world, all tailored to the specific requirements of each client.

We deliver the following:

  • Thorough risk analysis and threat assessments
  • Detailed Crisis Management planning
  • Training for the Crisis Management team and staff
  • Table-top exercises and reviews
  • Incident response