Aviation & Security Services

MASC Executive provide aviation security services that meet the requirements of our clients in the aviation industry.
From basic security audits to embedded security managers, from travel security awareness training to comprehensive pre-deployment briefs or reports, or ground security risk management to provision of in-country security professionals for crew or travellers our knowledge is vast and available 24/7.

Our services are built upon experience of working closely with elements of the aviation industry around the world, identifying gaps that can be filled through 'outside the box' thinking. These gaps are closed in a timely manner enhancing our clients corporate risk/crisis and resilience management significantly, amending and enhancing existing policies including those linked to the duty-of-care of personnel and clients travelling overseas.

MASC Executive's in-house team of aviation expertise works on the foundation on delivering the basics well, yet our experience of assisting suppliers of aviation assets, and those in need of such assets has naturally led the way for us to operate even closer with our clients, often filling market gaps and assisting in business development.