Journey Management 

MASC Executive provide clients with a complete travel management solution.

This includes medical training, travel security awareness for hostile/fragile environments, as well as in-country threat and risk assessments. Other areas include technical security reviews, journey advice and close protection. Part of MASC Executive’s travel management solution is the unique  JourneyCall personal travel security system. JourneyCall provides a real-time emergency crisis response from MASC Executive’s consultants located around the world to any of our clients who require help or assistance.

MASC Executive currently deliver professional travel management solutions to international corporations, universities, media, governments and expeditionary industries worldwide. We provide detailed country analysis, intelligence data, incident news and alerts, as well as a complete emergency crisis response service to its clients.

MASC Executive accomplish this through active global monitoring, in-country intelligence and timely planning, utilising a proactive approach. These services are supported by an integrated worldwide network of more than 900 security assistance providers, and medical and transportation resources 24/7. All our executive protection operators and drivers are trained in defensive driving and medical techniques, with an acute security and surveillance awareness. MASC Executive provide discreet meet and greet services at airports worldwide, secure onward travel in fully-  serviced and insured 4x4s, executive saloons or specialist armoured vehicles.