Embedded Security Management

The MASC Executive embedded security manager program normally involves the application of an end-to-  end process to establish security threats and risks and identify vulnerabilities and management strategies to protect a client’s personnel and business operations. This enables the client to respond and recover from incidents swiftly.

The MASC Executive embedded security manager focuses on crisis response, ensuring that the relevant policies, logistics, infrastructure and systems are in place to effectively respond to any given emergency.

The embedded security manager will design and develop the project, site security plans, implement and manage all aspects of the security program for the client. This enables a comprehensive approach to risk management. The embedded security manager is a cost-effective means of mitigating risk, building the security apparatus required by the project from the outset & preventing the expense of adjusting plans,  resources, policies and procedures on an immediate basis. The embedded security manager is also an effective means of fulfilling Duty-of-Care requirements and reducing exposure to liability.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • MASC Executive will conduct a security risk assessment of the country project to:
  • Identify potential threats, risks and key vulnerabilities
  • Review proposed project and site security arrangements
  • Make actionable recommendations for the protection of the company’s name, personnel, assets and
  • operations
  • Design, implement and manage the project’s security program
  • Develop and manage the on-site project crisis management and emergency response plans in conjunction with MASC Executive’s Global Security Assistance Team. The embedded security manager  will liaise with the security assistance provider where required, to assist in the management of the  security risk program in the field and provide local liaison support and security provision